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Malta Retirement Programme

The Malta Retirement Programme (MRP) is a programme designed to attract nationals of the EU, EEA and Switzerland who are not in employment and are in receipt of a pension as their regular source of income.

Nonetheless, persons benefitting from this programme may hold a non-executive post on the board of a company resident in Malta or participate in activities related to any institution, trust or foundation of a public character and any other similar organisation or body of persons, also of a public character, which engages in philanthropic, educational, or research and development work in Malta.

With over 3,100 hours of sunshine a year and an average year-round temperature of 18.9°C, Malta is the perfect place for retirement.

Financial Requirements

Requirements Malta Gozo
Minimum Annual Property Rental €9,600 €8,750
Alternetively Purchase of Immovable Property €275,000 €250,000
Minimum Annual Tax €7,500 €7,500
Non-Refundable Application Fee €2,500 €2,500

Other Requirements
Tax Treatment
Continuing Obligations

Once an individual has been granted the special tax status, he/she must comply with the following obligations on a yearly basis. The applicant must: There are also special reporting obligations (filing of an annual tax return).

An application for special tax status under the MRP may only be submitted to the Commissioner for Inland Revenue through the services of an Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM) and MJM Europe Limited is registered as such with the Inland Revenue Department. We would be pleased to offer assistance in obtaining MRP status.

NOTE: - Intended for general guide - specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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